EPCTEK Hoverboard Black Friday Deals 2020

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EPCTEK Hoverboard Black Friday Deals

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EPCTEK Hoverboard Black Friday Deal

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EPCTEK Hoverboard Black Friday Deals

EPCTEK Hoverboard Review:

Even the EPCTEK 6.5″ has existed for a while now, yet stays a top-seller online. In the face of such enormous competition, it is rare to come across an EPCTEK 6.5 inch hoverboard inspection which is not glowing with compliments. However, what is it all about the EPCTEK hoverboards which makes it so common?

Three simple words ‘value for cash’

Quick charging times, superb battery life, along with comprehensive security testing add as much as a superior scooter for the entire family. What is more, that this 6.5-inch scooter has one of the very impressive load capabilities of almost any board in its own course. Thus, even when you’re away from slim, you will still don’t have any trouble getting around with this fabulous machine.

1) Even the EPCTEK 6.5 inch scooter has more security features than you would expect at this sort of cost.

2) together with an adequate variety in the area of 10 mph, this entry scooter also offers an incredibly quick charging period of less than 3 weeks. Considerably less than several similar boards inside precisely the exact same price bracket.

3) The addition of a built-in analog speaker allows the rider pick their ideal soundtrack for each travel. The speaker is moderate in grade, but more than loud enough for the business finished.

4) Multiple glowing LED lights placed around the board result in secure and positive driving when visibility is reduced. Additionally, there are flashing LEDs to the wheels to produce the greatest visual spectacle once in performance.

Because of this, this outstanding system is capable of transporting riders around 265lbs in fat. This makes it among the most effective and flexible scooters inside its own class.

6) The grade 6.5-inch rubber tires offer a smooth and fun experience on many ordinary surfaces while allowing the scooter to manage slopes as much as 15°.

7) The maker behind the EPCTEK 6.5″ self-evident scooter is famous for its commitment to client satisfaction. Customer service agents can be reached anytime with concerns or questions both prior to and after purchasing the board.

I have personally experienced planks which have to be plugged for about 6 months for a complete charge, so that I had been happy with the two hour charging period.

I am not even near the 265lbs fat limitation of this plank, however I will say without doubt that the energy and functionality it produces are exceptional. By the present time it kicks in action, you are feeling a feeling of confidence and control which makes for a seriously pleasurable ride. I analyzed that the EPCTEK 6.5 inch self-balancing scooter onto a lot of surfaces and slopes — none of that introduced any difficulties at all.

I calculated its best rate in the area of 8mph (together with me as a driver ) and its ordinary assortment of about 10 kilometers or so. Then, only a fast 2-hour fee needed it juiced-up and prepared to go once more. I understand 8mph is not likely to set any speed records, however it had been fast enough for me and is still adequate enough for this type of cash.

No complaints with how the EPCTEK 6.5″ Scooter seems or how it’s assembled — grade materials and exceptional manufacturing criteria generally. These flashing LEDs are just as eye-catching as you would expect but also serve a significant security point when riding in the nighttime.

Not that I would let my children out on some other hoverboard if it is dark out, but nevertheless — is better when it comes to security!


  • One of the safest boards within its price bracket
  • Excellent manufacturing standards
  • Enormous 265lbs maximum rider weight
  • Superb power and performance from start to finish
  • Quick two-hour charging time
  • Decent top speed and maneuverability
  • Very stable and secure when mounting/dismounting
  • Perfect for adults and kids of all ages
  • Truly remarkable value for money


  • Could do with being a little faster
  • Slightly shorter range than comparable scooters


To be able to accomplish a reasonable decision concerning the EPCTEK 6.5 hoverboard, then you want to think about what in agreement with its cost. With this type of cash, you would usually expect a bog-standard standard plank, fitted using unimpressive motors along with relatively few security features.

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