Glidecraft X325 Hoverboard Black Friday Deals 2020

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Glidecraft X325 Hoverboard Black Friday Deals

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Glidecraft X325 Hoverboard Black Friday Deal

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Glidecraft X325 Hoverboard Black Friday Deals

Glidecraft X325 Hoverboard Review:

Even the Glidecraft X325 Hoverboard is among these curious apparatus that vanished out of the likes of Amazon quite a while ago. It is still widely accessible via in many important online marketplaces but is not quite as successful as it was. Something I can not entirely explain, according to paper, it appears to tick all the ideal boxes.

Having obtained (do not ask me ) that a Glidecraft x325 for your afternoon I had been interested to find out more about it. The very first thing I discovered is that it is the larger brother to the x100, equipped with more demanding terrain in your mind. Extensively fire safety analyzed, and Bluetooth allowed, the x325 is a more lasting and hard-wearing article of engineering.

It took me a while to monitor its spec-sheet (the box has been lost ), but the entire thing left for badly reassuring reading. A strong high speed, lots of power under the hood, with a remarkable maximum weight limitation — what you would expect from a superior board.

Prior the placing it to the evaluation, I couldn’t determine why it was not as hot as it needs to be. It was just after finishing the Glidecraft Hoverboard inspection which I discovered the small kicker to the entire thing.

Glidecraft X325 Hoverboard Characteristics:

1) Even the x325 Glidecraft features oversize 8.5-inch aluminum wheels, that can be designed with rougher off-road surfaces in your mind.

2) In accordance with the producer, the board may certainly accommodate riders too hefty as 286lbs.

3) Premium quality materials are put to use indoors and outside to be able to make an extensively lasting and durable scooter.

4) The highest rate of this Glidecraft Hoverboard is recorded as 12mph, whereas the battery is rated for about 1 hour of high performance riding.

5) UL 2272 certificate adds up to complete reassurance, removing the chance of fires or burst from the equation.

6) The board built-in Bluetooth battery offers added entertainment on the move when attached with any compatible portable device.

7) Powerful LEDs into the front light the road forward for enhanced visibility and safety throughout darker states.

8) Even the Glidecraft Hoverboard can be amazingly lightweight for this effective board, which makes it convenient and easy to carry when not being used.

Charged at a fraction under two hoursmy Glidecraft Hoverboard was prepared to proceed.

Its sophisticated-looking exterior enables you know that it’s more than only a fundamental toy, although the grade of the stuff is just outstanding. They say it could continue to 120kg and I have no doubt it could — it transported me as if I weighed nothing in any way.

My Experience with Glidecraft X325 Hoverboard:

You can buy a board for $100 these days that is good on concrete — planks which could cope with the difficult stuff is few and far between. Charged in a fraction under 2 hours, my Glidecraft Hoverboard was ready to go.

Now, it is only fair to point out that the x325 exceeded my expectations concerning total quality. Its sophisticated-looking exterior enables you know it’s more than only a simple toy, although the grade of the stuff is simply outstanding. They say it can carry up to 120kg and I’ve no doubt it could — it carried me just like I weighed nothing in any way.


  • Outstanding quality indoors and outside
  • Impressive making quality
  • Very capable off-road functionality
  • Premium grade Bluetooth speaker
  • Great high speed of 12mph
  • Maximum array of 12 kilometers
  • Beautiful outdoor styling
  • prices in under two hours
  • Extensively security tested and accredited
  • One-year producer’s guarantee


  • A relatively pricey hoverboard


And there was — that the one very minor drawback to the entire thing the purchase price. A complex and highly effective machine designed for adults, that does the work superbly off-road and on. That will be, in every way, a severe personal transport device.

The only disadvantage is it’s also priced way higher than several top-selling planks. Or, it had been in its heyday — intensely discounted versions usually appear from time to time. Whatever the situation, there is no knocking that this Glidecraft Hoverboard concerning general value for your money. It might be more expensive than a traditional board, however, what you are looking for in a home is anything but traditional.

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