Halo Board 2 Hoverboard Black Friday Deals 2020

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Halo Board 2 Hoverboard Black Friday Deals

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Halo Board 2 Hoverboard Black Friday Deal

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Halo Board 2 Hoverboard Black Friday Deals

Halo Board 2 Hoverboard Review:

A privately owned and operated company Halo Board has grown massively since starting the business in 2005 and now has big headquarters in Los Angeles. The company strives to bring high-end products like electric skateboards, hoverboards, and drones to consumers doorsteps.

Halo Board spends enormous amounts of resources on R&D to create “what was unthinkable or out of reach” and we think they did exactly that with Halo Board 2 Carbon edition electric skateboard. These days we are used to seeing electric skateboards, scooters, and hoverboards in every city, but 5-10 years ago we could just dream or see in movies a skateboard that goes by its own. Well, Halo Board 2 is just that, a stylish, sleek, and light skateboard that goes on its own. It is the future!

Halo Board Carbon Edition is a high-end electric longboard that is very light, very fast and has an amazing build quality. It is great for urban environment commutes for experienced riders and beginners who are looking for a good quality product that is also eco-friendly.

Check out our review of Halo Board Carbon Edition for detailed specifications and our honest opinion about the board.

Speed, Power and Distance:

Corona Board Carbon Edition electric longboard a.k.a Halo Board 2 is truly ground-breaking and we wouldn’t anticipate less from Halo Board. This electric skateboard is fueled by double brushless engines for a consolidated 3000 Watt power. The engines are covered up inside the wheels so not just they are undetectable and make the skateboard look smooth, yet they likewise make the board a lot calmer than the sheets with outside engines.

How quick does it go?

Corona Board 2 can arrive at a greatest speed of 35.5 km/h (22m/h) for an extremely quick and stable ride. We were truly content with Halo Board 2 tests since we figured out how to get to most extreme speed a few times with a normal weight rider ]which is uncommon these days with electric travel vehicles since makers ordinarily test for greatest paces on level surfaces with light riders.

Does it have more than one speed setting?

Indeed, the Halo Board 2 has 2 speed modes which are Regular and Beast. We are aficionados of speed modes for two reasons. One is that it permits novice riders to become acclimated to quick quickening skateboards or by and large get familiar with utilizing an electric skateboard. The other explanation is that occasionally, particularly in metropolitan settings, you would prefer not to go on greatest speed so as to evade walkers or ride between vehicle traffic.

We are happy that Halo Board 2 has speed modes, however we would have been much more joyful on the off chance that it had 3 speed modes for significantly greater flexibility.

What age/weight is it reasonable for?

Corona Board 2 being produced using carbon fiber is exceptionally solid and sturdy which permits riders up to 130 kg (286 lbs) to appreciate it. Having a lot greater max rider weight makes Halo Board 2 extraordinary compared to other electric skateboards for hefty riders.

As far as possible for riders isn’t determined by Halo Board so you need to settle on your own choices whether to let your youngsters ride it or not. Simply recollect that it is your own duty and it is in every case best to hold kids under oversight consistently when amazing and quick electric vehicles are included.

What is the range/separation?

With the Halo Board 2 longboard, you will have the option to go up 19 km (12 miles) with a full charge. While doing our tests we figured out how to get 17.5 km (11 miles) which is near most extreme mileage. The range on this board contrasted with other electric skateboards doesn’t stick out however is sufficient for us to do short voyages or for the last mile driving.

Would it be able to be utilized rough terrain?

You won’t generally have the option to go going mud romping with this board on account of the little skateboard wheels. This board is intended for smooth streets, asphalts, and footpaths. In the event that you need an electric skateboard to go going 4×4 romping we would prompt going for an Evolve skateboard.

Battery Life and Charging:

Radiance Board 2 is outfitted with a 36V 7ah 252Wh Lithium-Ion battery that is covered up inside the deck.

What amount of time does it require to charge?

It will take you around 3 hours to charge the battery 0-100%. Charge time isn’t noteworthy yet not very long.

Battery assurance and wellbeing:

Most importantly the Lithium-particle battery is secured by being inside the carbon fiber deck. The battery is likewise LG Firesafe ensured that accompanies UL guaranteed charger.


  • Smart, smooth, and secretive look
  • Extremely Light longboard
  • Great form quality
  • Quick
  • Incredible brakes
  • High leeway
  • Extraordinary cost for a great item


  • Firm (less solace and control for experienced longboarders)
  • Hold tape doesn’t cover the entire deck
  • Far off speeding up button powerless quality

Hope you guys liked our review on Halo Board 2 Hoverboard Black Friday Deals. Shop as much as you can on this Black Friday. Happy Black Friday shopping for all :).