“Our communities are just as poor as they have always been. Our schools continue to fail children.
Our prisons are filled with young black men who should be at home being fathers.”
Elbert Lee Guillory
Only capitalism can provide the upward mobility for the meekest among us to break the shackles of poverty and rise into the middle class. This is what we call "The American Dream"
Elbert Lee Guillory
So, my brothers and sisters of the American Community... please join with me today in abandoning the Government Plantation and the party of disappointment...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 5, 2013 Press Contact: [email protected] FREE AT LAST PAC LAUNCHED Elbert Guillory to Serve as Honorary Chairman WA
We are excited that you share in our enthusiasm to bring Republican values to all communities! May we all echo the words of one Republican leader when
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