All-Terrain Hoverboards Black Friday Deals 2020

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What is the all-terrain hoverboard?

These are like the initial hoverboards in how they work, but they’re generally bigger, stronger, and more durable. Instead of being a conventional 6.5-inch hoverboard, most have 8.5 or 10-inch brakes. Instead of solid rubber tires (that are only acceptable for smooth ground), they’ve pneumatic tires for traveling safely and smoothly over a range of terrains such as marijuana, sand, and gravel for a more exciting riding adventure. This makes them a lot more flexible and more enjoyable because you can use them almost everywhere. Most all-terrain hoverboards come with builtin Bluetooth hoverboard capability AND they’re acceptable for kids and adults of all ages! The following are a few of the popular off-road clever self-balancing scooters for 2019.

All-Terrain Hoverboards Black Friday Deals

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EPIKGO Sport HoverboardBlack Friday Deal

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Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 Off-Road Hoverboard

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Gyroor Warrior 8.5 inch All Terrain Off Road Hoverboard 

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Jetson Flash Self Balancing Hoverboard

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SISIGAD Off-Road Hoverboard

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1.Epikgo Off-Road Hoverboard:

Instead of simply promising that it will be a solid competitor in the off road hoverboard category, this board actually provides. Its weight, wider look and larger, tough rubber wheels reveal that. With noted dependable customer support, you can feel assured that you will have the service which you need when you want it. There’s one big difference between this board and also the others though – unfortunately the Epikgo does not come with speaker.


  • A thicker body and tougher design make this off-road hoverboard prepared for almost any terrain or component.
  • Instead of employing electric motors at the wheels, stronger brushless motors are located inside the main body. This keeps prices lower and allows room for a stronger design.
  • The Epikgo hoverboard also comes equipped with front and back LED lights for additional visibility in the dark.
  • Another very important characteristic of the Epikgo is its own battery lifetime, which can be more than a few other hoverboards available on the market nowadays and has a reasonable charging time.
  • It weighs a couple of pounds less than some of the additional similar terrain boards we have listed so could be a better option for children.


  • Although it is a fast and incredibly durable plank, the Epikgo seems a bit less flexible and not able to navigate around tighter corners in addition to its additional, more streamlined competitions.
  • Another slight drawback for some could be that you ride higher up so your center of gravity is changed somewhat, making balance somewhat more difficult, but not impossible by any means.
  • Unlike the others we have recorded, the Epikgo Classic does NOT have Bluetooth ability. Most other hoverboards now do have a speaker

2.Swagtron T6 Offroad Hoverboard:

First of all its obtained 10 inch wheels and can be powered by double 350-watt motors that allow it to be larger and more powerful than many available (and still acceptable for ages from 8 to mature ). Its important selling point however is it has a maximum weight capacity of 380lbs, greater than every other hoverboard available on the marketplace, which makes it the sole hoverboard appropriate for anybody over 270lbs.The Swagboard Outlaw T6 offroad hoverboard has a great build quality, and comes with three distinct riding manners of varying difficulty that will assist you ease in the swing of controlling and riding this particular machine.


  • The 350W double motors existing in every one of the bicycle welds provide this hoverboard the energy it ought to navigate many terrains, from bud to sidewalk.
  • It includes harmonious using a program you’ll be able to download to your cell device so you are able to control the board three modes, studying, regular and expert mode.
  • It may take a maximum weight up to 380lbs
  • It is among the cheaper off-road hoverboard accessible right now!
  • What we do not like


  • Assessing this board also will be a bit more difficult, but you will get the hang of it quickly.

3.Gyroor Warrior 8.5 inch All Terrain Off Road Hoverboard:

The Gyroor Warrior is your challenging huge brother who’s prepared to roll up. Claiming to be among the most effective hoverboards in the planet, the Gyroor Warrior does not match its 8.5-inch good rubber wheels and strong aluminum structure. Made from UL approved substances, the Gyroor Warrior is not only sturdy and dependable, but it’s also water-resistant and includes a strong, appealing design. This is unquestionably a hoverboard to determine.

Clearly, the Gyroor Warrior isn’t just any normal kind of hoverboard; it’s an off-road hoverboard. The Gyroor Warrior is constructed to require you to an adventure anyplace, anytime. It permits you to research all sorts of terrain, from damp surfaces and pavements to bud and dirt; you identify it, and this hoverboard will require you wherever you would love to go.


  • Outstanding performance in an Assortment of surfaces
  • Performs brightly off-road
  • Superior stuff and general build quality
  • Really remarkable Selection and great top rate
  • Comparatively short charging interval
  • Multiple colours available to match all preferences
  • Extensively electric and security evaluation for absolute reassurance


  • may be regarded as a bit on the side
  • somewhat pricey at approximately $300

4.Jetson Flash Self Balancing Hoverboard:

Jetson Flash has a contemporary design that outmatches other versions concerning style and functionality. It’s possible to choose it on-road or off-road with excellent outcomes for numerous reasons. The all-terrain wheels of the hoverboard have large and knobby tires that deliver a safe and easy ride on all terrains. It also has a slip-resistant mat which fosters its equilibrium and a rigid chassis (vinyl ) that supports over 200 Ibs.

The sporty 500-watt engines of this Jetson Flash hoverboard really are a nice add-on due to their power. On many terrains, the engines propel the Flash at speeds up to 10MPH with no overheating. Moreover, once paired with a telephone, you can adjust ride manners either to maximize its electricity output or to conserve battery power. Talking about its electricity, Jetson Flash includes a range of approximately 12 miles after a full charge (3 hours).


  • Quality Manufactured All Sport Hoverboard
  • Contemporary Design along with Sturdy Construction
  • 3 Holding Modes
  • App-Enabled With Bluetooth Speakers


  • 6,5″ Tires
  • Plastic bottom casing

5.SISIGAD Off Road Hoverboard:

You seenot all of the individuals have enough time to inspect the very best self-balancing scooter reviews prior to finding the right item. From time to time, they want a single dependable review which may help them figure out things.

My inspection will be entirely based on personal experiences and research. When I initially stumbled upon SISIGAD off road all terrain self-balancing hoverboard, ” I had been fairly certain it will readily make it involving the 10 greatest hoverboards. I had been perfect.

Allow me to take you around the excursion of the product where we’ll cover its own attributes, strengths and flaws.


  • Cheap Cost
  • Notably Light weighted
  • Truly self-balancing Tech
  • best value to the Money


  • It’s Not watertight
  • Bluetooth speaker quality is not good or around this mark
  • Not overly much lasting


You do not need to walk through streets or areas where your car cannot maneuver. A hoverboard saves you the energy and time you would spend walking on foot and is also fun to ride. An off-road hoverboard is particularly usable in all terrains allowing you to use it anywhere.